We were asked to shoot the girls and coaches of South Shields FC Ladies in their new kit for the upcoming season 2021-22, a job we were more than happy to do as we have been photographing and videoing their games for a couple of seasons now.

We kept the lighting fairly simple as we only had about 20 minutes to set-up and get all the shots before their game! Two lights behind and the main light camera right at about 45 degrees with a 90cm octabox attached. All this was shot outdoors on the terraces so I had to stand on a chair to get to the same height as the players.


The technical bit – In Photoshop, we selected the subject and refined the mask before dropping in a grungy grey background in place of the green screen. HSL adjustment layers managed to target and get rid of most of the green still evident around the hair. This is particularly difficult to remove when shooting blonde hair – and there are a few blondes in the team!


Final refinements using Camera RAW filter on a Smart Object layer removed all the green and we were finished.


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